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Korean Spicy BBQ Chicken Recipe (Video)

These Korean BBQ chicken legs, known as Maeun-Dakbonggui, are good for almost any occasion. They are incredibly delicious, and very easy to make.

How to prepare this recipe


Korean Spicy BBQ Chicken Recipe (Video)

Cooking method: Grilling
Cuisine: Korean
Courses: Dinner
Difficulty: beginner
Prep timeCook TimeRest TimeTotal Time
15 min 15 min 5 min 35 min
Servings: 6 person
Calories: 399kcal
Best season: summer

Today’s recipe is hot and spicy and great for summertime, it’s Korean-style spicy BBQ chicken. It will be welcome at any family barbecue or get-together with your friends. I made it with deboned chicken drumettes but you can use any chicken for this, as long as the pieces are small and can absorb the spicy sauce well.

Korean Maeun-Dakbonggui chicken has grown substantially in popularity in Korea. These days, you can find them offered practically everywhere in South Korea, and the concept has been exported to the USA.

Maeun-Dakbonggui is presented on the menus from Baltimore to Chicago and San Francisco. Large South Korean restaurant chains, such as Kyochon Chicken and Bonchon, have opened locations in the United States, bringing their own versions of Korean grilled chicken legs to the Pacific.

These Korean Maeun-Dakbonggui chicken legs are juicy, spicy and sweet, and it is impossible to eat just one. When choosing fresh chicken legs to the store, remember that smaller legs (from smaller chicks) are likely to be more delicate, while larger ones will have more meat and may be healthier.



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